Autism spectrum, also called Asperger, responds well to therapy focused on social skills, coping, and connecting.

Those with this condition often struggle to connect in social situations, yet these are teachable skills. Thanks to mirror neurons in the brain, clients on the autism spectrum can learn to imitate appropriate skills.

Some on the spectrum have an intense interest in a specialty. Therapy can explore ways to take advantage of this through volunteer work, enrichment, and field trips.

Some on the spectrum are what we call,  ‘twice exceptional,’ where the Aspergers traits may be combined with giftedness, ADHD, and other mental health conditions or learning challenges. Therapists can assist in clarifying diagnosis and community resources.

Staff at Dunham Counseling can assist individuals on the autism spectrum through the above methods. Call Dunham Counseling today at (630) 799-0100 if you need support of a loved one with autism.

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