Virtual Telehealth Counseling

Dunham Counseling is now offering online video and phone telehealth counseling services to better serve our clients from the comfort and safety of their homes. As clients become more aware of the telehealth options that are available, it is key for them to know that Dunham Counseling is already positioned to provide these essential counseling and talk therapy services to them.

The vast majority of our individual and couples counseling services can be provided directly to you through a telehealth counseling session. The services include items such as:

Throughout the state of Illinois, the seasoned therapists of Dunham Counseling can provide remote services to you and/or your family member in a completely secure and virtual session for your safety and wellness.

Most of our online counseling platforms are quite easy to use via tablet, smart phone, or computer for video ‘face to face’ sessions. Our experienced counseling staff can guide you on how to access and use these platforms if you are not already familiar with them. Our staff predominantly utilizes the Zoom platform, but also are familiar with Google Meets (previously Google Hangouts) and Microsoft Teams.

Most insurance companies are reimbursing for online and phone counseling services, therefore please contact your insurance company to confirm if this is a covered service for you. We can also assist you with this confirmation if needed.

Submit your information via our online portal or call us at (630) 799-0100 should you have any questions about our online/Telehealth or phone counseling, or to make an appointment.

At Dunham Counseling, we are firmly committed to supporting and guiding our clients, including individuals, couples, and families through this difficult time.

We can effectively work with our clients during a virtual telehealth counseling session to address issues related to: