Cross-Cultural Issues

Many people have immigrated to America, the ‘melting pot,’ from other countries, hoping and praying for a better opportunity to improve their standard of living. Although the opportunity is mostly viewed positively, coming to a new country often places new stressors on a family attempting to cope with that change.

Change in the socio-cultural environment, including losing the familiar social supports back home, values that were important in the old country seemingly no longer applicable in the current environment, challenges to succeed in work, changes in language can put daunting pressures on families to cope.

  • Cultural Adjustment
  • Stress
  • Values
  • Family Issues
  • Marriage issues
  • Work

Dunham Counseling has a counseling staff that is very familiar with the cross-cultural issues that challenge families coming from abroad. The staff has rich cross-cultural experience that informs their ability to effectively facilitate clients’ ability to address these types of problems. You can count on us to give you the support that is needed to make a successful transition into the new environment.

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