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Working with a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor can provide the support to overcome addiction.  Individual Counseling, Group Therapy, Holistic Counseling and Brainwave Optimization®, as a wellness method, can all be helpful in managing and overcoming cravings and the emotional issues from addictions.

Alcoholism is the most common reason people seek treatment for addiction. People with alcoholism compulsively seek to drink alcohol despite severe adverse consequences. Alcoholism is a life-long chronic disease, and even after treatment, relapses are possible after long periods of abstinence. It’s also a family disease that not only negatively affects the individual but the entire family. Marriages and children suffer emotional damage and develop unhealthy, co-dependent relationship patterns living in an alcoholic household. Someone who drinks in excess or binge drinks may not necessarily meet the criteria for alcohol dependence but may still need treatment because of negative consequences from drinking. Both the individual and the family benefit from treatment and can recover, lead productive lives and have healthy relationships.
Drug Addiction is a physical and emotional dependence on a drug or a medication. People with a drug addiction seek to use one or more legal or illegal substances despite negative physical or emotional consequences and the harm it causes. Drug addiction can lead to serious consequences in mental health, relationships, employment and the law. Drug addiction can cause an intense physical and psychological craving for effects of the drug. Most people who are dependent and who want to stop using a drug find they can’t do it on their own. Getting help from an Addictions Counselor is the first step toward recovery.
Gambling Addiction is a psychological desire to continuously gamble despite harmful negative life consequences. Gambling addiction involves the inability to control a behavior and seeking reward from the behavior. It is also called a process or behavioral addiction. People with a gambling problem do not typically recognize the problem until harm is experienced to the individual, family or in finances. Gambling addiction can be treated by working with a Certified Addictions Counselor and through groups such as Gamblers Anonymous and group therapy.
Process & Behavioral Addictions are behaviors and activities that a person is unable to stop despite negative personal, social and relationship consequences. There are many types of behavioral addiction such as eating, spending money, internet gaming, and sex. When these behaviors become unmanageable or affect quality of life and relationship they require psychological treatment. People who are process addicts face the same problems that people with substance addictions do in that they may want to stop, but are unable to do so alone. Individual Counseling, Group Therapy and Addiction support groups can help people to overcome process addictions.
Smoking Addiction is a physical and psychological dependence on nicotine from cigarettes. Smoking becomes a habitual and compulsive activity. Smoking has many negative health consequences that can lead over time to serious lung and other medical conditions. Smokers who try to quit experience physical withdrawal from nicotine and from the habit of smoking. It can be extremely difficult for most people to quit smoking. When people try to quit they often feel irritability, aggression, depression, restlessness, poor concentration, increased appetite, and cravings. Counseling support can help people manage the negative emotional feelings while quitting.

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