Neurofeedback and Brain Training

Each person’s brain is like a fingerprint – totally unique. Outside influences can affect our brain’s ability to function in healthy ways.  Issues like addiction, drugs or alcohol abuse have a profound impact on how the brain maintains balanced chemistry.  When your brain is not in balanced state, we tend to have negative reactions such as poor concentration, low energy, anxiety, panic, depression or cravings for unhealthy foods, alcohol or drugs.  Neurofeedback or brainwave optimization uses visualization exercises combined with computer aided tracking of brainwave responses.  A computer program converts to brainwave tracking into auditory sounds. These sounds naturally trigger the brain to respond in positive ways by adjusting and re-balancing.  Its similar to your brain being able to see what a healthy brain looks like and automatically adjusting to replicate this balanced state.  Brainwave optimization has a lasting impact that clients notice almost immediately.  After one week most clients have positive results that can last for a year or more.

Jeff Lucas, LCPC, CADC, often incorporates brainwave optimization into traditional counseling techniques to treat issues such as addiction; sleep disturbances; concentration problems; memory troubles; compulsive behaviors; cravings; anxiety. ADD and panic issues.  He has found that these techniques are particularly helpful for people dealing with addiction and chemical dependency.  To learn more about Brainwave Optimization visit  or call us at 630-799-0100 to speak with Jeff Lucas.