Addiction Counseling

Addiction Counseling

Alcohol, Drugs and Addiction Counseling

We offer individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy for a wide range of substance abuse and other addiction issues.

The impact of an addictive problem on one’s life is undeniable, causing an array of psychological, physical and social problems. We understand the pain and anguish that addictive problems with drugs or alcohol can cause for the individual, their family and sometimes, businesses. The experience of family members struggling to cope with a loved one dealing with addiction can be devastating, causing rifts in marriage and family relationships.

Dunham Counseling has Certified Alcohol and Chemical Dependency (CADC) Counselors in Naperville that can help treat problems with alcohol, drugs, gambling and behavior addictions.  We start by helping the individuals and their families understand the damage of addiction and then move to make needed emotional and behavior changes to function again. When the addicted individual isn’t willing to participate in change, we will work with the family members who want to understand how they can change their behavior to no longer be co-dependent.

Jeff Lucas, LCPC, CADC utilizes traditional, evidence based drug and alcohol counseling in treating his addictive clients. Clients may also opt for an advanced non-invasive and non-harming neuro relaxation technology called  Brainwave Optimization that is very helpful as part of an overall wellness program for addictions. Brainwave Optimization offers a mirroring of the client’s own brainwaves, played back in real time as proprietary acoustic tones through earbuds that help balance and optimize brainwaves. Jeff’s repeated professional experience is that when Brainwave Optimization occurs, an individual’s cravings are rapidly and greatly diminished.

Jeff Lucas is available for appointments in our Naperville office.

We have years of experience using counseling and working with 12-step programs to help addicted individuals and families overcome the pain and destruction from drugs and alcohol.  Addiction, whatever form it takes, is a treatable illness. People can recover. Families and individuals can grow again. We have the experienced professionals with the skills to motivate and sustain progress despite an addicts’ natural resistance to change.

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